Youth Educational Projects

We believe in investing in our young people as they will be the front runners in our country soon.

Creating and maintaining local & international opportunities for the youth to expand their knowledge, experience & networking is a contribution to our country to benefit from it in future.

Since 2003 youngsters took part in the Space School at NASA in Houston, USA, the Global Young Leaders Conference hosted by the United Nations in Washington DC & New York, USA, the Aerospace Challenge at the Cranfield University in the UK, the Africa Space School activities hosted by the NYDT in South Africa & Namibia, and regional & national science exhibitions.

The South African youngsters have time and again made us proud with their enthusiastic participation in these programs, their hard work, natural leadership & dedication to excel.

Innovative Corporate & Team Clothing

The necessity to dress the SA youngsters in team clothing especially while overseas has led to a successful enterprise of providing a wide variety of clients with individualized corporate and/or team clothing.

The emphasis is on personal detail, innovative optionsquality service and obtaining stunning end-products of which the client could be proud of.  The pleasure & pride the client has in the end-product is our inspiration and joy.

Our prices are kept very reasonable to enable the client to create a set of corporate clothing which could be varied according to the seniority levels
within the organization and/or according to an occasion/event.

Creating new logo designs and/or updating a logo for clients have become more and more part of this enterprise as well.



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