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Annually we conduct a thorough selection process to find the two best candidates to represent South Africa at the United Space School at NASA, Houston, USA.  Participation is on invitation basis only and is limited to 24 participating countries.  Young Wings Projects is the official representative of the Space School in South Africa.

The candidates need to be academically strong with Mathematics and Natural Science on higher grade level as subjects.  They also have to be fluent in English.  Prior to attending the Space School in Houston, a number of assignments need to be completed by the selected learners and submitted to the officials of the Space School.  This is to ensure that the participants from all over the world are more or less on the same level of knowledge of the relevant subject when the Space School program starts.

The age group in which we invite applications is 16 - 17 years old and they have to be in Grade 11.

Another excellent international program is the Global Young Leaders Conference which is hosted by the United Nations in Washington DC and New York, USA.  Youngsters take part in a program where they are taught to do public speaking, trade negotiations, dispute resolutions, etcetera.  The skills these youngsters acquire and the worldwide networking they establish while in the program, are very valuable for South Africa when they go into business or politics in future.

Nationally and internationally there are many opportunities to develop youngsters for the benefit of our country.  However, currently the lack of availability of funds is a stumbling block for many candidates with wonderful talents and potential.  This limits participation until more funds are obtainable.
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